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If you're looking for cheap dog crates or discount dog crates for help to crate training a puppy, you'll find them here.

Different Uses

There are different types you can buy. There are pet carriers that are used for airplane and automobile travel.

Crates keep your pet safe in an unfamiliar environment and when traveling.

There are crates for home use and when you are training your poodle puppy. Crates provide a safe haven for your dog or puppy. They learn this is their place to be alone.

Your puppy will learn to escape to his crate when he needs a nap or when it's time to go to sleep.

Crates should never be used as punishment. This is your poodle's haven, don't confuse him by confining him as punishment.

You'll also find exercise pens which are good for an open yard without a fence. Your puppy can get his exercise while staying safe.

pink, red and white dog carrier

Which Size or Color?

Crates come in a variety of makes, models, colors and sizes. Make sure you get a crate your adult dog will grow in to if you buy one when she is a puppy.

Your poodle should not be cramped in a crate and ideally should be able to stand up inside.

Your female poodle would look adorable in a pink crate while your male poodle would surely love a blue one.

Shop at Home

You can enjoy the convenience of shopping at home and have the crate come directly to your door.

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Enjoy finding the perfect dog crate for your puppy or adult dog!

Thank you in advance for your patronage!

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