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If you're looking for cheap dog toys or discount dog toys for your puppy or adult dog (so you can buy her lots of toys!) you'll find a nice selection and variety of toys here.

Variety is Key

Poodles love toys!

It's important to keep their minds active and engaged as they're very intelligent, love to learn new things and get bored easily.

It's good to have a variety of toys for them to play with.

Holly got a toy or two (or three) each year on her birthday and at Christmas.

She was so smart she was able to pick her gifts out from underneath the tree and unwrap them herself.

She even managed to get them out of the plastic wrapping that surrounded the toy and was quickly playing with them!

Balls, Squeaky, Chew and Tug Toys

Poodles love balls (make sure they are big enough that they can't be swallowed), squeaky toys and even stuffed animals!

black miniature poodle with a pink ball in its mouth standing on hind legs playing on the green grass

Once again, be careful that the squeaker in the squeaky toy can't come out and be ingested - the same with any stuffed toy.

Tug toys and chew toys are other good ideas to surprise your pooch with.

Holly loved playing tug of war with an old glove of my dad's. For a toy poodle she was extremely strong!

Liven up your pet's toy wardrobe with color! You'll find a nice selection of different colored toys here.

Lots of Choices

Order a few at a time and keep them for your pet's birthday and also as a holiday treat.

They'll come right to your door.

Be sure to hide them where your dog can't get them as he'll probably know what's in the box!

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We make a small commission off of each purchase which helps us maintain our site.

The items listed on this page are only a sampling of the gifts and items that Amazon has.

Enjoy finding the perfect doggy toys for your beloved dog!

Thank you in advance for your patronage!

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