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With our pet shop online, you can find dog chew toys, crates for dogs, dog show leads and collars and more items and supplies for your dog.

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Collars and Leads

On this page you'll find a variety of dog collars - there are cheap dog collars, collars for dogs of all sizes, collars for puppies, and small dog training collar especially for toy poodles or small breeds of dogs.

Collars are an essential item that all poodle dogs need to have.

Don't spend a fortune when you can find nice items online for less cost.

cafe au lait colored toy poodle standing on hind legs with a red lead and collar

You can also find more items, doggy gifts and supplies for your dog.

Need a puppy leash? You'll find a nice variety for your dog.

You'll find short leashes, long ones and ones in between!

As your poodle is a very regal and flashy dog, buy one or two of the colored leashes to walk your dog in a blaze of color and style.

Crates, Toys, Beds

You can also find cheap dog crates for your puppy or adult dog, cheap dog beds for your dog to snuggle in, and cheap dog toys for your doggie to play with.

Crates are used for travel, training and as a safe haven for your poodle.

When you first bring your puppy home, you'll want to have a crate to make him feel secure and safe.

Beds come in lots of sizes, shapes, styles and colors. There are even beds for your arthritic poodle.

Toys are a must! Poodles are intelligent and love to play and learn. The more toys, the better!

Enjoy shopping for items and supplies for your dog!

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