Puppy Leash Shopping

If you're looking for a puppy leash for leash training puppy or your adult dog, you'll find a nice variety here.

Puppies will need a different type of leash than adult poodles, especially if you are training your pup.

Snazzy and Classy

You'll find that they come in a variety of materials as well as colors.

Get a variety of colors and change your poodle's leash every day to match his sweater - or your shirt!

You can find leashes with hearts on them for Valentine's Day, green four leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day, and reindeer, snowmen or even santa clause for your poodle's favorite time of year!

Have a leather coat you adore? Get one of the leather dog leads and walk your dog in style - him on his leash and you wearing your coat!

brown toy poodle puppy sitting down with a blue clolar with a red ball on it

Your pretty princess pooch will love a pink rhinestone leash.

Strut your lady around the block or at the doggy park wearing her finest leash!

Your macho male poodle can go for his walks in his favorite shade of blue.

You'll also find nylon, stainless steel and denim leashes any pet would be proud to be seen in when out for a walk!

Get one made from each different material to see which one you like better.

Buy a Few 

Order a lot and have them arrive at your house. Your dog can be seen strutting his stuff in style that same day!

We are an associate of Amazon and have listed items on Amazon right now. We make a small commission off of each purchase which helps us maintain our site.

The items listed on this page are only a sampling of the gifts and items that Amazon has.

Enjoy finding the perfect lead for your poodle puppy or adult dog.

Thank you in advance for your patronage!

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