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One area NOT addressed on this page is veterinary medical questions. I'm not a vet and can't verify credentials of others who respond to questions.

If you have a medical question, I recommend Ask a Veterinarian, an online service staffed by qualified professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are poodles good with children?
Yes, most are good with children. Poodles, like other dogs and humans, each have their distinct personalities.

Families with young children may do better with a miniature or standard  instead of a toy. The toy is well suited for a single person, a couple, or a family whose children are grown or are teenagers.

Do poodles need a lot of exercise?
They DO need exercise. They should be walked at least daily and should have room in the yard to be able to run around.

The toy is suitable for a condominium or apartment but should be walked on a daily basis and will need to be let outside for bathroom trips.

What is the poodle's personality like?

This dog is a highly intelligent pet. They're fun loving, love to play, are quick and eager to learn new games and tricks, are faithful, loyal and protective of their families.

Poodle Questions & Answers

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