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With our poodle dog store online you can find the perfect gift for the poodle lover in your family or your poodle loving friend.

Most people have at least one poodle fan in their household.

We give you ideas for stocking stuffers or that special extra gift for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or holiday present.

Clothes and Accessories

Tee shirts are nice to wear with jeans when you walk your pooch around the block or take her to the doggie park.

Everyone has keys! The keychains make a nice extra little gift any time of the year. Do you do a gift exchange at work or amongst your family and friends? Give them one of the keychains!

The totes are great for whatever you carry around with you every day! Heading to the gym? Pack your water bottle and sneakers in the bag.

Heading to the park? Put some doggie treats and a good book in, and you and your pet are set for a few hours of outdoor fun!

pink poodle with black ears standing up

Great Gift Ideas

The buttons are another cute "just because" gift, stocking stuffer or exchange present. They come in a variety of shapes and colors - a perfect gift your poodle lover will adore!

Pick up a mousepad and have your pet with you all day at work!

Or maybe you want poodle shirts, mugs, calendars or mousepads for yourself. We have some really cute mousepads that would be great for your office.

You'll also find cartoon poodles drawings on a lot of items. They are too cute!

Lots to Choose From

You can go to the main gifts page to find a large selection of items.

We only have a sampling on our website of the many fine items available on the main store page.

We make a small commission off of each purchase which helps us maintain our website. Thank you for your patronage!

More Poodle Clothing Items

Poodle T-Shirts shirt
I Have Standards (Poodle) shirt
French Days of the Week shirt
Poodle Love embroideredshirt

Poodle Mom T-Shirt Double Quote shirt
Le Woof Pink Poodle in Paris shirt
Poodle Silhouette shirt
Retro Poodle T-Shirt shirt

More Poodle Keychains

Pretty Poodles keychain
Animal Lover_I Heart My Poodle keychain
Clipped Standard Poodle keychain
Cute White Poodle Cartoon keychain

More Poodle Bags

Two Poodles Bag bag
French Poodle Tote Bag bag
Black Poodle bag
Clipped Standard Poodle (in light pink) bag

More Poodle Buttons

Animal Lover_I Heart My Poodle button
Black Poodle button
Cute Black Poodle Cartoon - Pink Pawprint button

More Poodle Cards

Two Poodles Greeting Cards card
Santa At Home - Poodles (2 Standard) card
Pink Poodle Retro Merry Christmas Greeting Cards card
Cookie & Ginger Celebrate Christmas card

More Poodle Calendars & Mugs

Animal Lover_I Heart My Poodle mug
Standard Poodle calendar
2011 calendar

More Poodle Magnets

More Poodle Stickers

Nothin' Butt Poodles magnet
Poodle & Husband Missing Reward For Poodle magnet
Poodle Sticker sticker
pink poodle sticker

Pink Poodles Dancing Christmas Tree Ornament ornament
Christmas Caroling Poodles Ornament ornament
Dear Santa Poodle ornament
Xmas Magic - Silver Toy Poodle ornament

More Poodle Mousepads

Poodle Agility Gifts mousepad
Animal Lover_I Heart My Poodle mousepad
Poodle White Beautiful Mousepad mousepad

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