Homemade Dog Food

Homemade dog food may be right for you if feeding your poodle grocery story dog food has you worried and concerned what she may be putting into her body.

Healthy dog food recipes may be the solution you need to eliminate the fear that she's ingesting toxins, fillers and unhealthy carbs and fats into her diet. Organic dog food is another solution you may want to try.

We love our pets and want them to live long, healthy and happy lives. We should all be worried what we are feeding to them when we purchase a bag of dog food.

Holly refused to eat dog food, all with good reason. She didn't want to ingest unnecessary fillers, unhealthy ingredients and mostly tasteless food. Holly deserved the best like all our beloved poodles do.

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Healthy and Home Cooked

I highly recommend Healthy Dog Food, Dr. Miller's Secret Homemade Recipes for every poodle lover. Puppies, mid life dogs and elderly dogs can benefit from homemade pet food, just like humans when we eat a healthy diet and avoid fillers and trans fats.

Dog health and behavior problems have been linked to the bagged dog foods they eat.

We, as pet owners and lovers, want to give our pets the healthiest food we can, just like we give to our kids and spouses. We want the best dog food for them.

Dr. Miller devised his recipes when he became dissatisfied with the amount of chemicals he found when reading a dog food label. He refused to compromise his dog's health and decided to make his own dog food.  

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He began feeding him homecooked food using healthy ingredients. His dog's health improved and he spent 50% less than on grocery store dog foods.

Dr. Miller believes the chemicals and mineral deficiencies in bagged dog food accounts for dog health issues.

245 Healthy Recipes

This book is essential for those of us who want healthy food going into our pet's bodies, only healthy foods. There are 245 recipes, almost 1 full year's worth so our babies won't get bored with the same meal!

It's convenient to read. Just download it on your computer, then print it off if you like and put it in a folder or binder for future use.

Today's poodle is like today's child or adult, we want to stay healthy and take control of our health.

By making homemade dog food, you are in charge of his health. You know what goes into the food, and you are at peace with what he is ingesting, knowing it's healthy and not toxic.

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