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Maybe you want to ask for advice on a particular problem, want to find free teacup poodles or have a dog who needs a great home.

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This is the place to ask, share or talk to other poodle owners.

If you have a great poodle story to tell or would like to share pictures of your cutie pie with other readers, you can tell your story or upload a photo on those specific pages.

Let other poodle lovers know what to expect from their puppies and adult dogs.

Share housebreaking tips, your pet's favorite snack, or how you chose your poodle's name.

Does your dog favor a certain brand of dog food?

Or is there a particular brand you want to warn other pet owners to stay away from?

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If so, you can post a photo to go along with your question or comment.

Welcome to our poodle dog forum and community where we can all share with each other our love of them!

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Hi, We have a 5 year old hound, Gracey, our 1st dog, small & easy to groom, and her little kitty friend Sunny. My husband however loves poodles and he …

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